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Webdesign horses&web is your professional partner for the design, operation and maintenance of your internet presence.

I optionally create your website with the popular and powerful open source CMS Joomla for web projects of all kinds and sizes. For small and medium-sized web projects and blogs or for news portals I use WordPress, the user-friendly CMS with the highest market share and the largest developer community worldwide.

Which CMS best fits your purposes of an internet presence, or if a static site is more suitable, we will specify during the initial consultation.

Please also ask for an offer for the design of your printed matter for the print media. In consistent coordination with your internet presence I create your flyers, business cards, letterheads, posters, sponsor folders or advertisements. If you wish, I also take over the organisation and processing of the print order for you.

Furthermore I advise you on the online marketing of your internet presence, tailored to your individual target group. I will discuss with you personally how this can look like in detail.

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Range Of Services

Whatever you require.
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Your individual Internet presence

Development of a website with a Content Management System (CMS), e.g. Joomla or WordPress, if desired also as a static website.

Installation of the CMS and setup of the required databases on the server.

Responsive layout for display on mobile devices.

Integration and setup of additional components, modules and plugins (e.g. image galleries, slideshows, newsletters, forms, etc.) according to the needs of your website.

Implementation in consideration of the GPDR as an agency partner of eRecht24.

There are many reasons for a new web presence...

  • A contemporary, modern design to better address your target group
  • Responsive layout for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • Improved structure and SEO optimised, up-to-date content
  • More user-friendly website (usability)
  • Technical optimization (possibly CMS change), fast loading times, better ranking
  • Adaptation to the GDPR, Europe’s data privacy and security law

Updating your website

Actualisation of contents

You do not have the time to continuously update your website? I gladly offer my service for the care and maintenance of your homepage. This includes regular updates of the web contents, because only an up-to-date website is interesting for your visitors and improves the ranking of your website in search engines.

Security Updates CMS

Periodic updates of the CMS used not only improve the functionality of your website but also serve to close existing security gaps. Therefore, these are essential for the protection of your online presence.

If you would like to make a maintenance contract for regular updates of your website, please contact me.

Your marketing in the Internet

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

    SEO strategy to improve the ranking of your website in the results of search engines.

  • Content Management and Marketing

    Optimisation of the content of your website, including the structure and layout of the pages.

  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

    Paid advertisements that direct potential customers to your website/online shop.

  • Link building

    Creation of backlinks (references) to your own website to improve the ranking in the search results.

  • Social media marketing

    Creation and management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co. accounts

  • Optimisation through suitable web analysis tools

    Setting up Google Search Console and Google Analytics for visitor statistics.

Contact me for an individual consultation regarding your online marketing campaign!

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Your advertising message in print

I would be happy to design your printed matter for print advertising in consistent coordination with your Internet presence:

Business cards, flyers, letterheads, brochures, posters, sponsor folders and advertisements in newspapers and magazines. In this context I also take over the organisation and processing of the print job if you wish.

Furthermore, I am offering to write your press reports or press releases for newspapers and magazines as well as for your website.

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What costs do I have to expect?


Each customer is unique.

Just like every website is different, individually tailored to the individual customer. Therefore I can give no fixed all-inclusive price for your web presence at this point.

Contact me for your initial consultation.

Depending on your needs and scope, your website will be created with the CMS that suits you best, be it Joomla, WordPress or a static internet presence. I will be happy to discuss this personally with you.

Your noncommittal offer.

Ask me for a free consultation or a non-binding cost estimate.