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One year Webdesign horses&webblog july 2020

Exactly one year ago I established the label Webdesign horses&web. A lot has happened since then, the most serious of which certainly was the outbreak of the corona pandemic.

As for many horse companies and self-employed people in the equestrian sports business, this time was economically a challenge for my still young web agency Webdesign horses&web. At the same time, however, this crisis could be an opportunity for all of us to reposition ourselves in a new and future-oriented way.

Webdesign horses&web on About Horses

abouthorses en

Through a social media campaign I became aware of the digital platform About Horses, which brings together companies of the horse industries and searchers online.

As web agency Webdesign horses&web I also offer services especially for horse companies, riding clubs, breeders and self-employed people in this industry. So it was unevitable for me to take a closer look at this platform.

Webdesign horses&web

Launch of Webdesign horses&web

PressemitteilungAfter many years of creating websites for customers from all business areas as agency Webdesign science&web, I am now offering special services for companies and self-employed persons in the horse industry.

As I have been dealing with horses all my life and on a daily basis, I have the necessary expertise to not only design professional websites for these customers, but also to prepare optimum content for their target group.

Therefore I created now, brand new, the label Webdesign horses&web.



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