Barn inspiration for all equestrians

Introducing Stable Style

stablestyle5There are many Instagram accounts about horses and equestrian sports, some of which I follow myself (@dressurpferdetimmermann), but a very special one for me is @stablestyle by Raquel Lynn.

In her equestrian blog, Raquel shows pictures of unique riding stables and tack rooms from all over the world.

These range from small self-built stables with 2 boxes or more, to large, professional and architecturally sophisticated stables, to those with a historical background, most of which are also embedded in beautiful surroundings.

stablestyle2 Looking at these pictures is an inspiration for all horse people and in some cases also like a journey into other (horse) worlds.

Complementing the stablestyle account is now a brand new book - barn inspirations for all equestrians - with a collection of masterfully photographed and staged barn and tack room images.

As I am already a fan of the stablestyle account, I treated myself to the book for Christmas and browsed through it over the holidays. Beautiful pictures that celebrate the equestrian lifestyle. And even though many of the stables featured in the book come from the North American region, they still provide inspiration for your own stable.


The main motivation of the book, however, is the joy and comfort that comes from the hours spent in the stable. Every horse person can relate to that, especially in these difficult times. The moment you enter the stable, smell the hay and greet the horses, everyday worries are far away and inner peace returns. As other horse people often tell me, the bright spot of their day is going to the stable.

For anyone interested in the book, a real coffee table keeper, you can order it from Raquel herself on her homepage ( while you will find her Instagram account at @stablestyle. And no, this is not paid advertising, I just wanted to share this wonderful account and book with you.

In this spirit, I wish you all a good and healthy and easier year 2021 with many glimpses of light and inner peace.