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Through a social media campaign I became aware of the digital platform About Horses, which brings together companies of the horse industries and searchers online.

As web agency Webdesign horses&web I also offer services especially for horse companies, riding clubs, breeders and self-employed people in this industry. So it was unevitable for me to take a closer look at this platform.

About Horses is an online platform on which companies from the horse- and equestrian sports industry can present themselves with a compact profile and present their respective offers. The aim of this platform is to provide a forum for those looking for services in equestrian sports, where all providers of this industry are available in one place.

The different categories range from horse training, sale and boarding to consulting & agencies, insurances, shoeing, saddlers and stable equipment to real estate and riding facility construction. Using a targeted branch search and an interactive map, the right provider can be filtered out in minutes and contacted directly via a button. The About Horses offer is completed with a marketplace for horses for sale, stud advertisements and horse transporters, as well as an overview of dates for various events related to equestrian sports.

In order to also position Webdesign horses&web on this platform, I sent an e-mail inquiry which quickly got answered by a call from the friendly staff of About Horses, in which I got answered all my questions.The concept of bundling all companies of the horse industry centrally in order to simplify the selection of the right service provider was convincing.

So I have now decided to present Webdesign horses&web on About Horses and am looking forward to new contacts. My profile can be accessed here:

Webdesign horses&web auf About Horses



Just take a look, I am happy to receive questions and suggestions!